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Essential oils, which are concentrated substances extracted from plants, are very popular because of their therapeutic effects. When these essential oils (produced by means of steam distillation, expression, and solvent extraction) are absorbed by the skin or are inhaled, they help balance activities in the body. There are several components in the oil itself and each of these has various health benefits.

Considered superior among the Wholesale Essential Oils are organic essential oils. These are believed to have more therapeutic value since they are extracted from plants grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Aside from being pesticide-free, an essential oil is considered organic if the plant from where it was taken has been grown in high quality soil and through environment-friendly methods.

There are several organizations that certify organic plants and organic essential oils. Make sure that the essential oil that you are going to buy is certified and is guaranteed to have therapeutic benefits.

Organic essential oils are also superior in terms of their aroma. This is because they are mostly more concentrated than other essential oils. Along with this aroma is its very potent flavor, making organic essential oils perfect for cooking. They are excellent ways to create freshly flavored and healthy dishes.

Compared to dried or fresh herbs commonly used in cooking, organic essential oils, such as organic basil extracts, provide more exciting and appetizing taste. Also, they do not have glycerol molecules that make fatty oils greasy on the tongue. This also makes organic essential oils healthier than fatty oils like olive oil and sesame oil. Instead of fat, organic essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic components that help fight diseases.

Like most essential oils, any organic essential oil can also be applied to the skin through massage and bathing. Its steam can also be inhaled for therapeutic effects.

Since organic essential oils are considered superior, expect that they are more expensive than other kinds of essential oils. Likewise, those that are harvested in the wild are far more costly.


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